"Opportunity is missed by most people because

it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"

- Thomas Edison

"As is the individual, so is the universe.

As is the universe, so is the indivdual"

- Yajur Veda

"Better three hours too soon, than a minute too late"

- William Shakespeare

"The idea of marriage is to multiply joy,

Multiplying misery is a crime against humanity."

- Sadhguru Vasudev Jaggi

"Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions."

- Rig Veda

"You are what your deep driving desire is; As your desire is, so is your will,

As your will is, so is your deed, As your deed is, so is your destiny."

- Brihad-Aranyak Upnishad

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

- Winston Churchill

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."

- Albert Einstein

"Knowledge has power, it allows access to

opportunity and advancement"

- Peter Drucker (Austrian Management Author)

"Do what you do so well, they will want

to see it again, and bring their friends"

- Walt Disney (American Businessman)

"One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions"

- Wernher von Braun (German Scientist)

"By failing to plan, you are planning to fail"

- Benjamin Franklin

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We don't currently have your birth-place in our records. Please enter latitude and longitude values of birth-place manually.

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  1. Name, Birth-date and Birth-time fields are easy to fill. They require no explanation.

  2. Day-light Saving – If day-light saving was applicable at the time of your birth, i.e. the clock was 1 hour ahead of the usual (winter) time, then select the ’60 mins forward’ option from the drop-down list.

  3. Selecting Country of Birth – Type the name of the country in the text-box. A list of suggestions will appear below the text-box. In all likelihood you will find the country of your birth in this drop-down list of countries. Select the country of your birth by clicking on its name. If you can’t find the country you are looking for, point-out the error by sending an email to admin@jyotishworks.com

  4. Selecting City/Town/Village of Birth – Type the name of the city/town/village in the text-box. Just like the suggestions for the country-field, a drop-down list of suggestions will appear. The places appearing in the City/Town/Village list, all fall in the selected country of birth. Select the place of birth by clicking on the name of the place. If you can’t find your city/place of birth, in the auto-suggestions list, just write the name of the place. A new input-box will appear below the text-box, in which you will be able to see the name you have entered.

  5. Selecting Time-Zone – Most countries have just one time-zone and so it won’t be difficult to choose the time-zone option. If the country of your birth has more than one time-zone, please be sure to click on the correct option from the drop-down list.

  6. If the time-zone of your country/place-of-birth has changed after you were born and you don't get the old time-zone option in the drop-down list, select a country that currently uses the time-zone followed at the time of your birth. Then, in the City/Town/Village field, enter the name of the city/place of birth manually. (For calculation purposes, the time-zone and the coordinates of the birth-place are important, not the names of the country and city.)

  7. Manually entering the Latitude and Longitude Values.
    1. Search for the coordinates of your birth-place on the internet.
    2. If you find the values in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds format, enter the values in the respective input fields.
    3. If you find the values in decimal format, enter the values in input-box against which the label says – Decimal Format
    4. Click the correct option to indicate the Hemisphere of the place.

  8. If you were born at sea or in the air, and your time-of-birth was recorded correctly, please choose the country whose time-zone was followed by the time-keeper’s watch. In the ‘City/Town/Village’ field, write – ‘At Sea’ or ‘In Flight’ and enter the approximate latitude and longitude coordinates of the vessel’s position at the recorded birth-time. (5 km approximation will do). If you get an error, send an email to - admin@jyotishworks.com