"Opportunity is missed by most people because

it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"

- Thomas Edison

"As is the individual, so is the universe.

As is the universe, so is the indivdual"

- Yajur Veda

"Better three hours too soon, than a minute too late"

- William Shakespeare

"The idea of marriage is to multiply joy,

Multiplying misery is a crime against humanity."

- Sadhguru Vasudev Jaggi

"Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions."

- Rig Veda

"You are what your deep driving desire is; As your desire is, so is your will,

As your will is, so is your deed, As your deed is, so is your destiny."

- Brihad-Aranyak Upnishad

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

- Winston Churchill

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."

- Albert Einstein

"Knowledge has power, it allows access to

opportunity and advancement"

- Peter Drucker (Austrian Management Author)

"Do what you do so well, they will want

to see it again, and bring their friends"

- Walt Disney (American Businessman)

"One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions"

- Wernher von Braun (German Scientist)

"By failing to plan, you are planning to fail"

- Benjamin Franklin

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Horoscope Matching For Marriage (Advanced Horoscope Matching Service)

The decision of marriage and that of choosing a spouse is a very major decision, and in most cases, the impact of this decision is felt throughout life. In today’s age and time, matrimonial websites and other such online platforms have made it a lot easier for eligible bachelors/spinsters and their families, to search for suitors, than it was about half-a-century back. People wanting to 'fix/arrange marriages' can use these online platforms to get a lot of options in terms of prospective matches. So finding suitors quickly, and lots of them, is the easy part in a hunt for a life-partner.

The hard part usually is picking the right option. By 'right' we mean compatible. To check compatibility, people get their horoscopes matched by astrologers. In India this is such a common practice, that matrimonial websites themselves offer horoscope-matching services for free. This service which applies traditional astrological know-how about matchmaking, is also available for free on the internet. It only gives the client, results of a very basic check of compatibility between the bride and the groom, using the traditional horoscope-matching technique of Ashtkoot-Milaan or, 36 Guna matching. In our experience, only the use of this technique is not enough.

WHY is the Traditional System of Matching Horoscopes Not Enough in Modern Times?

Frankly, it wasn't enough even in earlier times, but because choices were limited, one could not be too fussy or particular about everything. Let's understand this through an example. Before the advent of modern-day partner-search means like newspaper-advertisements and matrimonial websites, the way to 'arrange marriages' was to ask friends and relatives if there were any eligible bachelors/spinsters they knew about. How many prospective matches do you think, could have been found by that search method, in a year's time? Assuming somebody was very well-connected and was able to find one (1) new prospective match for consideration every week, we would have got fifty-two (52) in a year. Realistically speaking, a target of 52 would have been very difficult to achieve for a common man in times when there were no phones and no newspapers. Today, if one is prepared to spend six-seven (6-7) hours, he/she can easily find more than fifty-two (52) profiles of eligible suitors on a matrimonial website.

What we mean to say is - choices were limited in earlier times and so, very few people could afford to be choosy. Hence, horoscopes were matched at a very basic level. This basic check is based on the relative positions of the Moon in the horoscopes of the bride and groom. Life expectancy was also a big concern right upto the mid-twentieth century, and so, Mars-matching (Manglik-milaan) was also done for some special cases where Mars was ill-placed in the horoscope of the bride or the groom.

But Moon and Mars are only two (2) out of the nine (9) planets in a horoscope. What about the rest?
    (Keep  reading  to  get  the  answer)

Today, the choices available for consideration are clearly much more than they have ever been. The partner-search filters of online platforms even filter-out prospective matches that don't meet the traditionally prescribed - Ashtkoot-Milaan (Moon-Matching) criteria. This facility/option of filtering-out prospects who don't meet the 'suitable match' criteria as per the Ashtkoot-Milaan method, wasn't available to people half a century back, and so their 'real' options would have been even more limited.

Now, for those who have not yet understood what we are trying to say, let's quickly sum-up the problem through an analogy.
Let's think of the traditional horoscope-matching method as a machine, which was used to process about fifty units of raw-material (prospective-matches) in a year. The raw-material units were in short-supply and after being processed by the machine, most were rendered unusable i.e. The prospective-matches available for consideration were too few to start with, and after horoscope-matching was done, most were rejected. So, the machine's processing method (horoscope-matching technique) had to be deliberately kept very soft and lenient, so as to ensure more raw-material-units (prospective matches) survive the processing wear and tear, and ultimately more 'sale-worthy output' is available on paper (however unfit it may actually be).

Modern-day partner-search platforms (Newspaper ads/Matrimonial websites etc.) have ensured that there is no dearth of either partner-search methods, or the choice of prospective matches who are worthy of consideration.    ( The  supply - shortage  part  of  the  problem  has  been   solved )
Yet, the practice of matching-horoscopes through the traditional technique, which is very basic and is based on matching of natal positions of Moon & Mars only, still continues.    ( This  part  of  the  problem  still  remains )

In our opinioin, the practice of matching horoscopes through the traditional-method only, is not enough in today's times, especially when the initial problem of finding a large pool of prospective matches to choose from, has been solved. Even today, if we continue to match horoscopes through just the traditional method, the scope/potential of qualitative-improvement in finding a 'suitable life-partner' that has been created by modern-day partner-search platforms, will largely remain under-utilized.
( The  Solution )
To help our clients take full advantage of these 'network & technology created options', we are here to offer to them, a far more advanced analysis of compatibility between their horoscope and horoscopes of selected prospective matches, than is available on any online-platform. This analysis of compatibility will be based not just on the positions of the natal Moon & Mars, but also on the positions of other planets in the horoscope. Availing this service will help our clients make better and more informed short-listing decisions before they decide to personally meet the prospective matches and begin next-level discussions.

WHEN Should Clients Engage Us For This Service?

We suggest the following process for utilizing our services -

Stage 1: Make Your Database-1
You (the client) should gather birth information required to make the horoscope of all seemingly agreeable and appealing prospects that you come across in your search for a life-partner. In other words, the client should create an account on one or more matrimonial website(s) and select at least 35-40 prospective matches after carefully considering all factors that he/she seeks the most, in his/her partner. These preferences can be related to education, food-habits, languages spoken, nature or place of occupation, place of residence, monthly income, height, weight, medical history, physical appearance, future-plans, religion, caste, ethnicity etc. These factors are generally called 'partner preferences' in matrimonial-website parlance. The work reqiured to be done at this stage may take upto 2-3 months.
Useful tip - Note down the IDs that the matrimonial website has alloted to the profiles you like. That will help in finding the person during stage 2.

Answer to an FAQ at this point is - It is better to have more prospective matches in the list because we carry out a variety of checks while matching horoscopes and some candidates get filtered-out after every check. So it is suggested that you have as many candidates in the list as possible.
Please Note - We are not asking you to put more candidates in the list becuase it means more business for us, but because we don't want you to be in a situation where you spend money on getting 5-6 horoscopes matched and all get filtered-out during the extensive and stringent horoscope-matching process.

Stage 2: Make Your Database-2
Once you have selected enough matches that satisfy your partner preferences, and have verified that you too, meet the 'partner preferences' that those prospective matches have specified through their profiles, the next stage should be to collect their birth information, namely - date, time and place of birth, which will be required to make their horoscopes. In most cases, this information will be available on the profile page, yet it is suggested that this information be obtained after making contact with the candidate, or their family. Doing this will give some hint about how responsive and interetsed the candidate (and his/her family) is, and also whether the candidate is still searching for a match or has found one. We don't want you to spend money on a getting a 'lost-case-horoscope' evaluated for compatibility. In the process of personally making contact and asking for birth information, you will surely come across some cases who don't respond. At that point, the decision to keep 35-40 prospective matches in your preliminary list, will make you feel slightly better. It is also possible that you get fewer responses than expected and have to go back to the previous stage to identify some more prospects.

Stage 3: Bring Your Database for Matching
This is the stage where you should involve us. After the birth information for all selected prospects has been collected, you can opt for our horoscope matching service to get your horoscope matched with the horoscopes of all the suitors in your database. After matching your horoscope with those of the prospective matches we will send you a report that will help you make an informed decision about which candidates to keep in your list for next level discussions and meetings, and which ones to discard from the list. Along with the report we will also send a guide-book which will explain what the various aspects of horoscope-matching mean, and how you should interpret the results in the report.

Stage 4: Short-Listing For Next-Level Discussions
Based on the results of the horoscope matching report, you can plan your next move. Maybe you will want to contact/meet the most-suitable person first and evaluate the prospect of an alliance with him/her in your own way, or maybe you will start with the second or the third person, because that one appeals more to you. Maybe a prospective match that you grew very curious about at the data collection stage, will now seem less desirable because the prospect is (as per their profile) particular about horoscope-matching and the report shows low compatibility with him/her. Despite the report, you may still want to pursue the prospect of an alliance with such a person, but that will be your decision. We hope it doesn't happen, but maybe the report will say that horoscopes of NONE of the prospects show a good enough promise of compatibility with yours, and our silent/implicit suggestion to you may be - please continue looking.....and you may just have to start the whole process from Stage 1 again. We know this last sentence/warning will be a BIG TURN-OFF for a lot of prospective clients, yet, we say this at the risk of losing business because we feel it is better to explicitly mention the worst-case scenario before the client pays any money, than to find ourselves in 'ugly spats' and 'heart-burn' situations later.

WHY Should Clients Engage Us For This Service?

Advantage 1 - More Information

Clients should opt for our horoscope matching service because we go much beyond the basic asht-koot milan (36 Guna check) and Manglik check that most astrologers do while matching horoscopes for marriage. The asht-koot milan is entirely based on Moon and the Manglik check is based on Mars. Moon and Mars are just two (2) out of the nine (9) planets that influence the life of an individual. In addition to these two planets, we consider several other factors that influence the quality of married life. Our methods of matching horoscopes have been developed through long and careful study of horoscopes spanning several years. We offer more analysis through advanced techniques of horoscope-matching which reveal factors that are likely to significantly impact the quality of married life. Though we will try our best to always give you a clear and definite picture of things, it is also possible that the analysis we present, due to its excessive detail, will confuse you a bit and make decision-making slightly difficult, but our analysis will surely give you the advantage of knowledge and a chance to be mentally prepared for dealing with certain realities that will have a considerable bearing on your experience of the time spent with your partner. In short, we can help you make informed decisions by giving you more information. The following comparison puts forth our reasons for soliciting horoscope-matching work.

Checks Conducted While Matching Horoscopes Most Astrology Websites Matrimonial Websites Jyotish Works.com How will our report convey the result?
Asht-Koot Milan (36 Guna matching) Only Total Score &
Doshas (if any) will be mentioned
Simple Manglik Check Explicit mention in report
Advanced Manglik Check Explicit mention in report
Dasha Matching Maybe Maybe Explicit mention in report
Dasha Sandhi Check Maybe Maybe Explicit warning in report
Attitude Matching (different from 36 Guna matching) Small comment about attitude and outlook to life.
Style & Priorities Matching Small comment stating our view about similarity/difference
Advanced Horoscope Check for Attraction Qualifying prospects will be marked and graded.

It is obvious from the comparison that we give you the advantage of detailed analysis and more information, which we know you won't find anywhere else.

We fully understand that the above mentioned list of checks, some of which are NOT conducted by 99% of the astrologers, and some that are NOT conducted by anybody except us, will give a lot of ideas to our competitors. Yet, we have listed them all because we wish to make prospective clients aware of the extra and useful information they will get, if they engage us for getting horoscopes matched.

Advantage 2 - Additional Options

Another advantage that stems from a detailed analysis of horoscopes is the advantage of additional options. By additional options we mean prospects, who as per our system of matching horoscopes are 'suitable', but as per the traditional system of Gun Milan are 'unsuitable'. Lets understand this advantage with the help of the following example -

Let us assume that you found a prospective-match on a matrimonial website who is not very particular about horoscope matching, and satisfies your 'partner preferences' criteria. You too, meet the 'partner preferences' specified by this individual but you believe in astrology and are very particular about getting horoscopes matched. The horoscope of this person is available and when you match horoscopes using the host website's horoscope-matching service, the results of the asht-koot milan and the manglik checks don't turn out to be very encouraging. Since this person has explicitly stated that he/she is NOT very particular about horoscope-matching, and because you don't want to let go of a good 'partner-preference-match' case easily, you wish to initiate dialogue, but don't know how to do it without a go-ahead from the astrologer, then, you still have an 'avenue of hope' left. To explore the possibility of an alliance with this good 'partner-preference-match' case, inspite of the dissuading horoscope-matching results on the host website, you can engage us to check compatibility between this special-case and other such prospective matches, using our advanced horoscope matching techniques.

We can't guarantee it, but it is possible that the special case you wanted to pursue, turns out to be a good match for you and vice-versa, when assessed using advanced horoscope matching techniques. If you are a firm believer in astrology, then following ONLY the traditional horoscope-matching system, you will probably not pursue special cases like these and these additional options will never appear on your 'short-listed' matches in stage 4. (Please see the section - 'WHEN Should Clients Engage Us For This Service?' to know about stages of the suggested partner search method)

Answer to one of the FAQs at this point is - You don't have to separately mark or inform us about such special cases, while submitting data. It won't make a difference to the way we work. All prospective matches are assessed in the same way - without any bias. The following table says in short, what we have tried to explain through the example above.

List of Matches Belief in Astrology of Prospective Match & Horoscope Status Horoscope Matching Result on Matrimonial site Advice by Astrologer Using Traditional Matching Technique Crux of Advanced Horoscope Matching Techniques (All Checks) Advanced Horoscope Matching Technique Result (Manglik Check) Advice by JyotishWorks.com
Prospective Match X No belief in astrology but horoscope submitted 19 gunas (out of 36) (No Naadi dosh), Manglik Dosh in horoscope Match Not Recommended Compatibility is high between individuals Manglik Dosh is not serious Match Recommended (Additional Option Advantage)
Prospective Match Y No belief in astrology but horoscope submitted 17 gunas (out of 36) (No Naadi dosh) No Manglik Dosh Match Not Recommended Compatibility is high between individuals No Manglik Dosh Match Recommended (Additional Option Advantage)

Advantage 3 - Time and Cost Efficiency

Along with an advanced horoscope matching method, we also offer to our clients, unmatched cost and time advantages. You save considerable time and money when you deal with us. The next few sentences will explain how. Each time you approach an astrologer to get one (1) horoscope matched, you will end up paying at least INR 1,100/- ($ 14). (People in India will know that 1,100/- is the minimum amount charged by astrologers for the smallest horoscope-reading they do)
If you approach an astrologer with horoscopes of 40 prospects, the entire matching process will take at least 2-3 days and will cost you 44,000/- OR $ 560/- (1,100 X 40 = 44,000). If you match all 40 horoscopes with yours, using the astrology websites which offer this service for free, you will, in all probability, ONLY get results for the first two parameters listed in our table of checks. Maybe you will get a little more. But some things you surely won't get on any website, whether it offers a free horoscope-matching service or a paid one. When you come to us with 40 horoscopes of prospects to be matched with yours, we will deliver our report within 24 hours if work-volume permits, and charge you 27,000/- OR approximately $ 360/- only.
For more details on the service fee, please check the service fee section.

Service Fee

While deciding on the fee to be charged for this unique service, we carefully thought about all the advantages that clients can draw from our assessment of prospective matches. We believe we are offering a 'life solution'. The price one might have to pay for an incorrect decision made while deciding about a life-partner, is virtually incalculable. (Use your imagination to think about how)
Also, our astrologer spent more than a decade in devising and perfecting these methods of matching horoscopes. The service fee should compensate for all that time and effort. For a long time, we thought about charging a few lakh (1 lakh = 1 hundred thousand) Indian rupees per case. (INR 1 Lakh = USD 1,330). Affluent people in India spend several hundred times more money on a wedding (no exaggeration) and so the idea of spending 2-3 lakhs (less than 1% of the wedding expense) on searching for the right partner wouldn't even make them bat an eye-lid. Putting a 2 lakh price tag (USD 2600/-) on this service would have been very convenient and profitable for us. Even 3-4 new cases per month (easy and achievable target) would have given us enough money and reason to continue with just this kind of work for the rest of our lives! But, we want this service to be available and affordable for a much larger section of the society, not just the affluent lot. And so, after much thought and deliberation, we decided to go against all 'pro-profit counsel' and came up with the following fee structure -

No. of Horoscopes Submitted for Matching Fee Per Horoscope to be Matched (INR) Maximum no. of Horoscopes Max. Fee Per Service Request (INR) Discount % on Market Rate
(INR 1100/-)
Max. Fee Per Service Request (USD)
(1 USD = 83.44 INR approx.)
1-20 750 20 15000/- 31.82% $ 179/-
21-40 675 40 27000/- 38.64% $ 323/-
41-60 600 60 36000/- 45.45% $ 431/-
61-80 525 80 42000/- 52.27% $ 503/-
81-100 450 100 45000/- 59.09% $ 539/-

Why are we offering such discounts? (What is our real objective?)

We are offering a discount of INR 75/-($1 approx.) per submitted horoscope every time the number of prospective matches cross a multiple of 20. The discount is being offered because we want you to bring a larger database for evaluation, without worrying too much about the service fee. We want you to know that more checks will mean more people will get filtered-out at every stage. So, a larger database will significantly brighten the chances of finding candidates who satisfy the 'suitable match' criteria as per our analysis.

Our REAL objective is to make you succeed in your search for a life partner, after just one (1) dealing with us.

What You Should NOT Expect From Us

You should not expect us to tell you the flaws in your horoscope which will reduce / take away from your ability to be a good spouse becuase we don't want to discourage you in any way from getting married. If you (our client) happen to have major flaws in your horoscope, which would normally be eye-sores for the astrologer consulted by the prospective match (or their family), we will not speak about those flaws in our report at all, because our endeavour will primarily be to give you our opinion of who is a good match for you and who is not, and to help you make an informed decision about who to marry. However, our silence on flaws in your horoscope, if there are any, does not mean the astrologer consulted by the prospective match (or their family) will not be able to spot the said flaws and advise the candidate on rejecting your proposal. You MUST NOT expect us to have any control or influence over what advice their astrologer, if there is any, will give the prospective match(es) you decide to approach.

HOW Should You Engage Us for This Service?

Once you've made up your mind, without or after testing our ability to assess compatibility, to employ us for matching your horoscope with those of carefully chosen prospects, you should collect relevant data as stated in the section - 'WHEN Should Clients engage us for this service?' and submit to us. The following steps will have to be followed -

  1. Download the data upload sheet from our website.
  2. Read the guidelines for filling that sheet on the tab named 'Guidelines'.
  3. Fill your birth details and those of the prospective matches in the tab named 'BirthData'. This may take a few days or weeks. (Maximum number of prospective matches accepted by the system is 100)
  4. Come to our website whenever your database is ready. Place a request for the Horoscope Matching Service. Enter your email address.
  5. Submit your data by uploading the filled-up sheet to the website. (The system will do a sanity check of the data received through the file and highlight errors.)
  6. If the system points out any errors in the data received, please correct those.
  7. Before you make the payment, the system will ask you for a PGA-OTP which will be freshly generated and emailed to you along with a service-contract and an estimated result delivery date-range.
  8. Enter PGA-OTP to access the payment gateway and pay the service fee, which will be calculated according to the number of submitted records (prospective matches). Service fee will be calculated as per the table in the section 'Service Fee'.
  9. The results of the horoscope matching exercise will be sent to you via email within the stated result-delivery timeline.

BONUS Service (Only for Clients)

If all goes well and you (the client) and any of the prospective matches assessed for you, (by us) decide to get married, we promise to do for the would-be bride and groom, an advanced evaluation of horoscopes for identifying positive as well as potentially negative times for the couple, to equip them with information which can help them traverse the hills and valleys of married life with relative ease. Also, we will calculate a suitable and appropriate 'muhutra' for the marriage. Both these services will be a wedding gift from our side, provided you inform us of your decision to marry within 1 year of engaging us for the horoscope matching service.

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